Wednesday, September 10, 2008

stick it to the man


thanks to chris!


Joe said...

Thank goodness for Google! I was baffled on this one.

For those requiring an explanation, as I did, it's a kebab fast-food chain in Ireland.

Valarie said...

Thanks Joe! I didn't know. Can I get some punctuation or dots or something? I immediately tried to say A-brake-huh?

Jade said...

Valarie, It's like saying "abracadabra" but instead they changed the "cadab" to "kebab" get it? Like "abra-kuh-bob-ra" It took me a few minutes!

Chris said...

I didn't realise my photograph would cause so much confusion!

I forgot that kebabs are pretty much a UK thing!

Valarie said...

I got it from Joe's comments. And then the title was funny! I've had kebabs, but you're right, never in restaurant, and especially never one that is dedicated to the kebab!

johnny said...

I didn't get it either, it had me considering many, including; A Barac Oba Bro, sticking it to the man.
e,brak,e,ba,bra. Thanks for the clarifications.