Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Batter Up



Anonymous said...

Boy, is that picture suggestive or what? I guess it's true what they taught me in Sunday school -- the GLBTs actually know no shame, scruples, decency, or moral restraint.

Jenn said...

hey anonymous,

i am not going be lame and delete your comment, but i wanted to let you know we'd prefer it if you didn't post anti-lgbt sentiments (or anti-anything for that matter).

this is a fun site, for the purpose of poking fun and making jokes - but not at anyone's expense. leave the hate out.

site administrator

Anonymous said...

No hate intended. I'm a little hurt you thought that badly of me.

Jenn said...

ok, no worries. apologies that we didn't see the joke. thanks for clarifying. cheers to you.